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Solar Auto Watering System Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit Self Watering Device With Timer for Plants In Patio Balcony Green House

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    1. Fix the product in a position where the solar panel can be directly exposed to sunlight, the switch button side must be facing downwards. The product can be inserted into the soil by using a ground stake, or screwed to a wall, fence, etc.
    2. Loosen the screws attached to the ground rod in order to adjust the angle of the solar panel surface so that the solar panel can receive as much sunlight as possible. Then tighten the screws.
    3. Press the MODE button to select the watering frequency. For example, the blue indicator in the first position (upper display 12 lower display 5) indicates that the product will be watered once every 12 hours for 5 minutes. Each time the MODE button is pressed, the system will water at the first position watering frequency.
    4. This product will put the long cable probe into deep water, when the water level is lower than the short cable probe (i.e. the probe is out of water), the system will automatically alarm (buzzer will sound 2 times per minute) and stop working (stop watering and timing). After refilling with water. The system will continue to work as before with the watering programme.
    5. When the pump is idling, the system will sound an alarm (buzzer sounds twice a minute during the day; at night only the indicator light flashes without a beep) and the green light on the MODE button will flash. The cause of this fault may be a blocked pump or filter, please clean it, or there may be no water in the water supply container, please add water. You can turn on the pump by injecting some warm water into the pump inlet with a syringe (if required, not supplied with a syringe, please purchase separately). Once the fault has been cleared, please restart the product and the system will perform a watering and retiming.
    6. When the power to the system is low, the red light located on the ON/OFF button will flash. after 30 seconds the red light will come on and the blue stall light will go out. At this point the system enters standby mode. Later, when exposed to sunlight again and the product is fully charged, the system will automatically return to the working state (blue light on). The system will perform the watering and retiming.
    7. Automatic plant watering system The intelligent irrigation system has 6 automatic watering timer modes. Unlike other sprinkler and drip head irrigation kits that can only adjust the output water flow, the irrigation kit is designed to be more intimate. You can set the frequency of water and adjust the water flow for different plants with different drip heads. Water each plant accurately to avoid drought or over-watering. Independent water pump, manual mode can be used as a water pump.
    8. The solar drip irrigation kit with built-in 1800mA lithium battery is not only an automatic watering system for household plants, but also the best automatic watering device for outdoor plants. Suitable for potted flowers and herbs in the home, room, balcony, garden and patio.
    9. super easy to use one touch controller with 6 watering modes. 6 lights reflect 6 automatic watering frequencies and remaining power. Each watering takes 10 minutes and the drip flow can be adjusted. The manual mode can also be used as a pump and can be used continuously for approximately 4.5 hours on a full charge. No difficult settings. After 6 hours of direct exposure to sunlight it will be fully charged and then the watering tool will last up to 30 days even without sunlight.
    10. Indoor and outdoor applicationsThe irrigation system is waterproof to IP67 and can be used both indoors and outdoors. For indoor use, the solar panel is placed where it can receive sunlight. The water pump has a 3 metre connection cable which allows the solar panels to be easily placed in direct sunlight.
    11. Designed for balconies, patios and small gardens, without taps and fixed power supply. Supplied with freely adaptable pipes, fittings and drip heads.

    Name: Automatic Irrigation Kit 

    Solar panel: 6V 2W
    Battery specification: 18650 lithium battery
    Battery capacity: 3.7V 1800mA 
    Function: Timed watering 12H/5Min,12H/15Min,12H/20Min, 24H/5Min,24H/15Min,24H/20Min
    Maximum working time with full power: 50 days
    Protection function: water shortage protection 
    Maximum flow rate: 400ML/MIN

    Packing list:
    Solar panel x 1
    5m Length of water pipe x 1
    Dripper x 5
    Accessory kit x 1
    Instructions x 1
    Different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. 
    Manual measuring,please allow 1~3mm error,thank you.

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