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800L/H 5m DC 12V 24V Solar Brushless Motor Water Circulation Water Pump Submersibles Water Pumps

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    This DC pump uses advanced electronic components and high-quality wear-resistant shaft
    It is smooth operation, high efficiency, good performance, long service life,
    Can be a long time continuous work, low noise, safety and environmental protection.
    It is widely used in industry, scientific research, aerospace industry

    The water pump cable (red line is positive, do not take the wrong) received a suitable power supply (the battery can be a battery, it can be a power converter), and then a good water pipe, then pump into the water, Can be used normally.
    (Note: The DC brushless pump is a centrifugal pump, the pump water flow with the increase of the head decreases.No diving without self-priming function, prohibit no water free.)

    Name: Solar Water pump
    Material: Plastic
    Color: Black
    Voltage: 12V DC/24V DC
    Power: 22W
    Max Flow Rate: 800 L/H
    Max Water Head: 5m

    1.Do not take the wrong pump positive and negative.
    2.Prohibit not through the power converter will be connected directly to the 220V power supply pump.
    3.Is strictly prohibited for strong acidity, alkali and other damage to the pump medium.
    4.The pump is suitable for medium temperature 1 ℃ -60 ℃.
    Package includes:

    1 x Solar Water Pump


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