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5 pcs Thin Film Solar Panel Cell Small flexible Battery Fotowoltaiczne Kids Science Placa Fotovoltaica panneau solaire 0.5W1.5V

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  • Description

    Key Benefits:

    Operating Voltage: 1.5V
    Operating Current: 360mA
    Open circuit voltage: 2.0V
    Short circuit current: 400mA
    Power: 0.5W
    Use of the environment: -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
    Performance: corrosion, moisture

    Size: Length 175mm/6.89”(plus blackedges 190mm/7.48”) X Width 40mm/1.57” (plus black edges 45mm/1.57”) X thickness0.5mm/0.02”.
    Weight: 10 g ± 2 grams.

    Packaging Material: durable, hightransmittance ETFE film Adhesive: weather, high transmittancefast curing EVA film

    Battery Type: Flexible triple junctionamorphous silicon thin film solar cells

    Note: The above refers to the electricalperformance parameters measured under standard test conditions, namely: lightintensity 1000W / ㎡, spectrumAM1.5, cell temperature 25 ℃.

    Flexible Solar Panel Solar Cell Small Thin Film Solar Panel DIY Solar Power Panel Science Experiments 0.5W/1.5V/360MA

    Unbreakable – thin: flexible polymeric construction, it is truly flexible to be bent, sewed or treated in the surface to match any kind of surface line. A good choice for DIY enthusiasts in selecting an alternative power source.
    Unbreakable: laminated with ETFE, waterproof, fire-resistant,Largely eliminates issues of damage from microcracks as a result of foot traffic or vibration, earthquake and hailstone resistant
    Shade Resistant:Outperforms other solar pan in partially shady conditions, Partial occlusion and weak light can still generate electricity
    Technology:The latest production process uses 127um stainless steel substrate and three-junction amorphous silicon thin film battery to achieve high conversion efficiency.
    Robust Handling:for seamless integration into your production process,can be applied in many electronics markets including wireless sensor networks (smart buildings, smart cities and smart homes)medical and sports devices, security sensors and cameras, agriculture monitors, beacons and electronic signs, computer peripherals, and wearable electronics (bracelets, watches, armbands, etc.).Exempt from the trouble of changing the battery

    flexible solar panels solar power panel solar panel cells diy solar panel solar cells diy jiang
    Flexible solar panel is use special high-end thin film technology.it have a special layered configuration that uses all of the different material’s ability to absorb light to their full potential., It is has more advantages than laminated solar panel, such as good performance in the high temperature and in the low light, light weight to be more suitable for buildings which are sensitive in weight. The most important feature of the flexible solar panel is can be flexible or foldable. This feature can give more space for these panels could be used in applications where conventional solar panels simply wouldn’t be appropriate

    Our rollable and flexible solar panels power innovative solar applications. In case our standard products cannot match a requirement, we offer our development, testing and manufacturing expertise to customize solar panels & films for special applications. Our proprietary laser patterning technology allows us to adapt the shape and electrical output of a module to customer requirements, while our manufacturing process allows us to encapsulate the solar foil in different materials to achieve flexible and rollable form factors.

    We work on cutting-edge projects with manufacturers of military and emergency supplies, global electrical engineering firms, aerospace industry, automotive industry, as well as innovative product designers.

    Range of applications:

    Ultra light solar films for aerospace
    Solar sails for space applications
    Solar powered drones
    Solar for high altitude balloons and airships
    Solar canopies
    Rollable solar blinds and sunshades
    Off-grid and rural electrification
    Military and emergency power
    Solar lighting and signalisation
    Rollable solar consumer products
    Solar powered sensors and IoT (Internet of Things)

    Why Choose Thin film solar cells?

    The first layer of the solar panel is made of ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene).
    this material has a very high sunlight absorption to reflection ratio.
    Flexible solar modules are produced utilizing a thin stainless steel substrate and flexible lamination polymers which equate to a thickness of ~1.5 mm.
    Packaging materials durable, high transmittance ETFE film, waterproof, UV-resistant fabric This allows our modules to be used for a wide variety of applications.

    for science fair project

    Safety: polymer lamination, not easy to break (no glass material);
    No harmful substances: no harmful substances such as fluorine
    Portable: Durable, lightweight, impact resistant, easy to carry and use.

    Can be applied in many electronics markets

    Superior performance under indoor and low-light compared to Silicon PV
    Printed PV cell with scalable, low cost process
    Cell size from 2 cm2 to >200 cm2 designed to the size of the customer’s wireless product
    Range of colors and transparencies to match a product’s look and function
    Meets electronics reliability specifications – lasts lifetime of wireless electronics products

    Why Partner With Lich?
    Lich is a company in custom OEM solar solutions. With highly diverse product offerings, lich has the proven agility and engineering expertise to meet partner objectives of nearly any capacity.

    The company utilizes a unique and proprietary technology platform, enabling the production of low-cost solar modules on a high volume basis. And, we are have the lowest price

    Quality Construction
    Our solar panels every product is tested prior to shipment to ensure you have the best possible power.

    Custom Design, Engineering and Production
    OEM business is our business, in both B2B and military projects. We will work with you on design and engineering and will create custom energy solutions that fit your needs

    Industry-leading Expertise
    With almost three decades of experience in the thin film solar industry, we have the expertise to deliver the best product possible.

    Customer Service
    We believe in exceptional customer service before, during and after the sale. We offer our customers an added layer of security by providing industry leading product warranties. Contact us.

    As the solar industry and the thin-film, flexible solar panel market rapidly evolve with new and exciting technologies, lich will continue to be the world leader in creating and manufacturing unique custom solar solutions for OEM applications.


    The Challenge:
    Nighttime lighting of flagpoles can be a challenge. Ground-based lighting requires high power and is subject to vandalism. LEDs lighting from above can do the job but need power at the top of the flagpole

    The Solution:
    Lich design an enclosure, mounting system and custom solar modules to be installed at the top of the flagpole. The system is protected from harsh weather using a proprietary lamination and wiring process to provide years of reliable solar powered lighting for flagpole

    Smart Bike Lock

    The Challenge:
    With the advent of the Internet of Things and consumers carrying incredibly powerful computers in their pockets (smartphones), opportunity to create a smart bike lock, featuring theft reporting, notifications if a friend using the device was involved in a crash and many other features.

    In order to ensure the lock could achieve its full potential, continuous charging and power consumption were vitally important in the design process.Owner wanted to make their smart lock battery last as long as possible, freeing consumers from having to worry about battery life and running the risk of the lock dying and being rendered useless.

    Designer needed an inherently flexible solar panel conforming to their curved design. Additionally, it was important the solar wouldn’t distract from the overall cosmetic appeal and industrial design of the lock. They also needed a panel able to harvest energy from any outdoor location, often in the shade and not positioned directly facing the sun.

    The Solution:
    Lich provided an Electronic Component Solar Panel designed to fit Designer’ unique needs. This panel fits their form factor and creates the necessary power to keep the lock active for years to come.

    Smart window

    The Challenge:
    Designer needed a solar solution powerful enough to operate their retractable awning with a custom footprint to match their awning design requirements. Designer also needed a solar technology that would create enough power even while being in partially shaded environments. Finally, part of Designer design required a connection that was no thicker than the solar panel itself

    The Solution:
    Lich’s amorphous silicon solar technology provided the ideal starting point with its industry-leading performance in low light and shade tolerance when compared to other solar technologies. Amorphous silicon’s inherent flexibility also made it the best option to integrate into the awning design while adding almost no weight or bulk. When a stock panel providing per day provide enough power , It met design requirements for footprint, curved mounting surface, and ultra-thin connection.

    Asset Tracking

    The Challenge:
    Designer needed to create a reliable solar powered semi-trailer monitoring product. The vehicle tracking system required solar panels that were extremely durable; capable of surviving years of power washing, snow, hail and bird droppings. The solar panels also had to be extremely thin, lightweight and be integrated with the system’s electronics. The vehicle tracking computer system used GPS, cellular data networks, wireless sensors and needed a solar power solution at a specific voltage that worked well in all weather conditions.

    The Solution:
    Lich’s custom designs provide the specific power, form factor and durability needed to track any type of asset whether transported in a semi trailer, a cargo container or a rail car.

    Electric Boat

    The Challenge:
    A leading manufacturer of inflatable boats and kayaks for the outdoor/recreational water sports market wanted to combine their products with electric propulsion motors. With this package, customers would be able to experience the fun of small-craft boating without the hassle of gasoline engines. Solar panel technologies such as crystalline panels would not work well in this application due to the weight, thickness and other limitations.

    The Solution:
    lich can created a solar panel which serves as part of the top canopy for the boat. The canopy now serves double duty as shade and a solar power source for the boat’s electric motor. This solar module uses highly durable encapsulation material for long life in outdoor installations and saltwater environments.


    The Challenge:

    Drone and airships rely on an increasing amount of electronics to perform critical functions in an extremely challenging environment. GPS, instrumentation, radio equipment and other electronics systems require a robust solar power system. Customers need a power source that is lightweight and reliable.

    The Solution:

    We have responded by designing custom, extremely lightweight modules and attachment methods to meet their specific needs. These applications call for some of our lightest weight substrates and encapsulation materials.

    Other case

    Thin Film Solar Panel add very little additional weight to the car. Secondly, they perform better in a wider range of lighting conditions helping produce power even when it isn’t perfectly sunny out. A huge benefit for use is the durability of the product. Amorphous silicon thin film isn’t damaged by golf balls, tree limbs, hail stones or anything like that. extends the run times of our cars, keeps batteries healthier delaying replacement

    At elevations above 5,000 m, solar irradiance is high, yet storms can occur at any time of year. The ability to fold panels up during snowstorms or high winds prevents systems from damage and makes Thin Film Solar Panel much easier to carry on horses!
    Traveler don’t typically camp in a location for more than one night so our deep-cycle battery is charged while we drive. Thin Film Solar Panel because of how compact it was when stored yet could provide enough power for Traveler needs.The panel has worked flawlessly ,although It has been stepped on, driven over, and submerged in rain/snow and kept on working.

    Thin Film Solar Panel was compact, lightweight, easy to set up and lay out on the canoe while paddling on a sunny day. to keep athlete cameras and satellite phone charged.


    Other solar panel

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