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Solar Panel 6V 100mA Silicon DIY Battery Charger Module Power Mini Solar Cell Toy Diameter 9cm 3.2-3.7 Charging


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    Solar Cell


    6V diameter Size:Φ90mm Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell,Solar Panel



    • Output: 6V/100mA  weight 39g


    • To charge battery;

    1. Solar calculator;

    2. Solar charger;

    3. Solar toys;

    4. Solar gift;

    5. Solar radio;

    6. ….


    Flexible solar panel is use special high-end thin film technology. It is has more advantages than laminated solar panel, such as good performance in the high temperature and in the low light, light weight to be more suitable for buildings which are sensitive in weight. The most important feature of the flexible solar panel is can be flexible or foldable. This feature can give more space for architects to realize their colorful design.

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