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2000W/4000W uninterruptible power supply Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Charger & UPS DC 12V/24V to AC 220V 230V Universal socket

  • Input Voltage:

  • Output Voltage:

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  • Description

    Please note: 

    1. This inverter is just for emergency power, please do not use for whole day working. If it is operated with high 
        continuous load ratings for extended periods and caused damaged or not working, we are not responsible for 
        replacement or exchange.
    2. Please read and follow carefully the instructions in the Owner’s Manual provided with every inverter for important 
        safety considerations and precautions.
    3. Place the inverter on a reasonably flat surface, either horizontally or vertically. 
    4. Keep the inverter dry. Avoid placing the inverter on or near heating vents, radiators, in direct sunlight or other sources 
        of heat. 

    5. DO NOT plug small appliances into the inverter AC receptacles to directly recharge their nickel-cadmium batteries. 
    6. DO NOT plug in battery chargers for cordless power tools if the charger carries a warning that dangerous voltages 
        are present at the battery terminals. 
    7. Certain recharges for small nickel-cadmium batteries, such as flashlights, cordless razors, some cordless hand-tools 
        and toothbrushes, can be damaged if plugged into an inverter. 

    8.The highest out put power must be under 200 W. If the power inverter is directly connected with the 
       cigarette lighter. 
    If out put power of the inverter is higher than 200W, we strongly recommend you using Crocodile Clips to a battery (clips are included) but not cigarette lighter, because your car cigarette lighter might not afford power over 200W.

    10.When using reactive load appliances, the start power will be 2-5 times of continuous output / rated output power, but must be lower than start power of the inverter.



    • Universal Protection Circuit: Over-Voltage, thermal protection, earth fault protection, overload protection, short circuit protection.

    • Inverter and charger indicator: Fully charged, Public Power, Inverter fault.

    • Dual Switch (Inverter, Charger) supporting battery deep discharge

    • Transfer time between bypass model and inverter mode less 12Ms, no influence in appliances work when public power off.

    • Two power switch controller(inverter switch, charger switch), so that it can support battery deep discharge.

    • PWM high-frequency technology – small size but big power.

    • Fast Charging: 20A charging amp

    • Output waveform:pure sine wave

    • Quiet Operation: Fan move only when necessary

    • High surge and efficient

    • Battery voltage display – so you know battery level anytime

    • AC voltage display – Output voltage, frequency, temperature, electric current


    • inverter input: DC 12V/24V

    • Inverter output: AC220+/-5%

    • Output frequency: 50Hz+/-1%

    • Ouput waveform: pure sine wave

    • Continous power: 2000W

    • Inverter Best efficiency:  Aprox 90%

    • No Load Current Draw:1.2A

    • Thermal shutdown: 60+ degrees

    • AC output: 1 BS socket

    • Voltage input meter: yes

    • power out put meter: yes

    • Diamension: 320*175*90MM


    • Max Charging Current: 20A

    • AC input voltage: 220v

    • AC working voltage: 170v ~ 250v

    • AC input frequency: 50HZ

    • AC input low voltage protection: <= 150v

    • AC input high voltage protection >=250v

    • AC input parameter: yes

    Package Included:

    • pure sine wave inverter ups with LED DISPLAY

    • 1 set on DC cables

    • 1 power lead

    • 1 instruction leaflet.

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