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20000W / 12000W Power Inverter Car Home Solar Inverter DC12V To AC 220V Multifunctional Modified Sine Wave Voltage Converter

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    This is an improved modified sine wave inverter. Due to the working principle of the motor, it is not suitable for inductive devices with built-in motors: such as hair dryers, air conditioners, coffee machines, water pumps, kettles, induction cookers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. These devices require a pure sine wave inverter to be powered up.

    Our modified modified sine wave inverter is suitable for equipment: electric fans, sanders (less than 500W required), picnic lighting, laptops, breast pumps, atomizers, shavers, medical rescue equipment, smartphones, laptops Power Supplies, Tablets, GPS Units, TVs, Battery Chargers, DVD Players, MP3 Players, Camping Equipment and Mobile Office Equipment (Tip: Make sure the total connected device power rating is ≤800w/750w, as our continuous power rating is 800W/750w peak The power is 20000W/12000w)


    【High Quality Inverter】LCD screen for easy viewing of voltage conditions.Universal socket, USB interface, strong adaptable and stable load.

    【High security】Built-in cooling fan for extended use and safety.Efficiency up to 90%. Higher surge capacity for starting tough loads.

    【Protection Function】Built-in protection of short circuit, over load, overheat, low voltage and overvoltage. keep your device and car safe.Charge some of your electronic devices while on the move.(except inductive load electrical equipment and motor products).

    【Great compatibility】The inverter can convert DC12V to AC 220V.12V is generally for cars, 24V for trucks, or for 12V and 24V solar power generation systems.In addition, The AC outlet and USB charging port are ideal for powering smartphones, laptops, tablets, GPS units, TVs, battery chargers, DVD players, MP3 players, camping equipment and mobile office equipment.

    【Smart size】Well-design with compact size, light weight, high efficiency and can be placed inside of the pockets.

    Package Included:

    1 x Power Inverter  ; 2 x Battery Clip  ; 1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug  ; 1 x User Manual


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