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Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V 220V 10000W 12000W Solar Power Inverter DC 12V 24V 48V 60V 72V To AC 220V Charger Voltage Converter

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  • Description

    Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V 220V 10000W 12000W Solar Power Inverter DC 12V 24V 48V 60V 72V To AC 220V Charger Voltage Converter


    The pure sine wave inverter has advanced circuit, automatic protection in case of overload, overvoltage, overtemperature and short circuit.

    • Brand New Inverter DC to AC

    • Color:Silver

    • Output Waveform              :Pure sine wave

    • Peak Output Power           :10000W/12000W

    • Continuous Output Power  :3800W/5000W

    • input DC Voltage        :   12V/24V/48V/60V/72V

    • output AC Voltage       :   110V/120V/220V/230V/240V± 10%

    • Frequency                          :   50HZ±2HZ/ 60HZ±2HZ

    • Conversion Efficiency     :   >90%

    • Over Thermal          :   Shut Off Output Automatically

    • Recovery voltage : 24V(25.5V±0.3)

    • Over temperature protect: 80°±5°

    • No load current: 0.7A

    • Fuses                 :   Short Circuit

    • Start                 :   Soft Start

    • Protection            :   Overload, Short Circuit, Overtemp, Reverse Polarity, Under/Over Voltage

    • Cooling Fans

    • Total Harmonic Distortion:≤3%

    • Working temperature:-5~+50℃

    • Storage temperature:-20~+70℃

    • Cooling method: Intelligent temperature controlled air cooling

    • Output socket: Multi-function socket/All-in-one socket/According to customer request

    Package included:


    • 1 x Inverter

    • 2x Terminal Connector

    • 1xUser Manual


    • 1 x Inverter

    • 2x Crimper

    • 1x Charging Cable

    • 1xUser Manual


    1.When using 12V / 24V to connect the cigarette lighter wire in the car, please do not exceed 300W (12V car). 400W (24V truck).

    If this power is exceeded, please connect the battery output to the inverter, otherwise the car fuse will blow.

    2.Please ensure that the rated power is higher than the appliance you want to apply.

    3.If you want to run several devices at the same time, you should refer to the total wattage.

    4.If you want to run the inductive load for a long time, choose the Pure sine wave inverter .

    5.Please use the standard battery cables we sent, or a full power output may not be guaranteed. And the spare fuses in the package are just used when the original ones are burned by accident.

    6.Please do not connect the inverter with the grid power, and a reverse connection of positive and negative is also forbidden.

    7.Please do not overload. If your applications are inductive loads, please choose the inverters whose continuous power is 3-7 times higher than the watts of your appliances. such as fridge, icebox, drill, washing machine, water pump, microwave oven, oven, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, etc. with motor inside. Please make sure the constant power of our inverter meets your need before order, or consult us for more details.

    12V inverter can only connect to 12V batteries (working voltage range: 10V~15V)

    24V inverter can only connect to 24V batteries (working voltage range: 20V~30V)

    48V inverter can only connect to 48V batteries (working voltage range: 42V~58V)

    60V inverter can only connect to 60V batteries (working voltage range: 50V~70V)

    72V inverter can only connect to 72V batteries (working voltage range: 60V~85V)

    When the voltage exceeds the working voltage range, the inverter will automatically turn off the inverter because the voltage is too low or too high. The purpose is to avoid over voltage damage to the inverter or over discharge to damage the battery.

    The input voltage of 12V inverter and 24V inverter cannot be universal. If the wrong input voltage is selected, the inverter will not work. If you don’t understand anything, please contact customer service, we will reply you as soon as after we see the information.

    The benefits Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    1:Aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, light weight, good thermal conductivity, can quickly reduce the temperature of components, work long hours are not affected.

    2: Pure sine wave, intelligent filter, does not interfere with electrical appliances, protects electrical appliances. With high conversion efficiency (up to 95%), the low power consumption of the product itself can greatly extend battery life.

    3:You can use electrical equipment, including TV / LED lights / LCD displays, especially inductive load appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, induction cookers.

    4:Pure sine wave inverter, 110V / 220V for city power supply and power quality, so it has.

    5: Eight-bit intelligent protection: overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, overheating protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, insurance protection,Intelligent chip control, perfect protection.

    6:Intelligent temperature control fan makes the inverter more quiet. When the temperature is ≤45 ℃, the fan stops working; when the temperature is ≥45 ℃, the fan starts working.

    7:Buzzer reminder. Once any protection of the inverter is triggered, the inverter will immediately disconnect the power, the load enters the protection mode and reminds people with a buzzer reminder.


    1. The inverter is not working.
    A. Check whether the plug is inserted in place and whether it is loose.
    B. Whether the inverter switch is turned on.
    C. Whether the car cigarette lighter jack has voltage output, such as external leads, and whether the polarity is correct.

    2. Insufficient output power of the inverter can only drive low-power electrical appliances
    A. The capacity of the battery is too small, and electrical appliances must be replaced or reduced.
    B. The battery voltage is too low and must be charged or replaced.
    C. If you change to another car, the inverter is normal, and you need to go to a professional repair shop to thicken the car cigarette lighter jack cable. The use of the cigarette lighter socket shall not exceed a load of 150W.
    D. If it is an external battery, thicken the lead to shorten the lead length

    3. The inverter does not work and the FALT light is off
    A. The electrical power used exceeds the nominal power, causing protection. Reduce the use of electrical power
    B. The battery voltage is too low, the battery must be charged or replaced
    C. Reduce the use of power appliances

    How to choose a suitable battery for inverter

    Working time = U (voltage payment) × I (battery capacity) × 0.8 × 0.9 ÷ electrical power

    Example: a 12V 50AH battery with a 220V 100W bulb

    Working time=12Vx50AH×0.8×0.9÷100W=4.32(hours)

    Note: 0.8 is the battery discharge coefficient (constant) 0.9 is the conversion efficiency of the inverter (constant)

    How long it can be used is also related to the new and old performance of your battery

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